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Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Stroke Treatment Program
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Welcome to the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Stroke Treatment Program

Strokes involve a disruption of blood supply and oxygen to an area of the brain sufficiently long in duration to cause damage. The brain is able to heal the damage, over time, to varying degrees depending on the severity of the damage and other factors. When the damage and resulting symptoms persist there are a variety of possible treatment interventions that are possible, some of which are below;

a. Physical Therapy
b. Occupational Therapy
c. Speech-Language Pathology Therapy
d. Cognitive Rehabilitation
e. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
f. Medications
g. QEEG based EEG Neurofeedback

We specialize in QEEG topographic brainmap based neurofeedback. The first step is performing a QEEG topographic brain map which is painless and non-invasive is that we place a cap with 19 electrodes on the scalp which picks up the brain electricity (EEG). The recorded EEG is processed then 6 normative databases including the New York University Medical School Normative Database. The statistical data will demonstrate which abnormalities are present and the degree of severity.

Once we know the types of slowed brain electricity which correlates with reduced blood flow and metabolism, the types of disconnection and overconnection (coherence) and the abnormalities in timing (phase lag: too fast, too slow), these variables can be trained back towards normal, usually to remarkable degrees. We have seen patients regain totally lost speech, sense of smell returned, balance improved, use of arms and legs improved as brain electricity is trained towards normal. Not all respond and people respond at varying degrees but most make significant improvement.

Stroke QEEG Map

A QEEG topographic brainmap costs only $495.00. Please call for additional information.

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