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Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Memory Treatment Program
Robert Gurnee, MSW, DCSW, Director
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Welcome to the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Memory Program

Memory difficulties take many forms such as short term, long term, word retrieval and have many causes.

Memory difficulties can occur in all ages and can be caused by great number of possible causes; concussion, traumatic brain injury, lack of oxygen to the brain, toxic exposures ( mold, carbon dioxide), strokes, drug/alcohol abuse , mood disorders such as depression and, of course, dementia. Memory problems can also be inherited such as often are learning disabilities.

QEEG topographic brain maps provide an ideal way of assessing for the types of dysfunction and damage that usually cause memory problems. The first step in performing a QEEG topographic brain map which is painless and non-evasive, we place a cap with 19 electrodes on the scalp which picks up the brain electricity (EEG). The recorded EEG is processed then 6 normative databases including the New York University medical school database. The statistical data will demonstrate which abnormalities are present and the degree of severity. The maps reveal several types of dysfunction;

A. Under arousal- lack of blood flow and metabolism
B. Over arousal- excessive blood flow and metabolism
C. Disconnection
D. Over connection
E. Slow timing
F. Excessively fast timing

These measures are given in statistical normative data which reveals the degree of severity for each measure. EEG neurofeedback can be used to then train the abnormal findings back to within the normal range resulting in often remarkable improvements. Pre and post brain mapping and pre and post testing can be performed to assess for improvements. Call for more information on costs and procedures. QEEG topographic brain mapping costs $495. Intakes and assessments are at $125 per hour and neurofeedback begins at $70 per hour.

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