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Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Anger Management Treatment Program
Robert Gurnee, MSW, DCSW, Director
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Welcome to the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute: Anger Management Program

When anger management problems do not remediate with normal counseling and coaching and negative consequences such as work and family problems continue, it is valuable to evaluate for deeper issues. There are many disorders that can contribute to anger problems that may require accurate assessment and treatment, among them are some of the following;

a. Post Concussive Syndrome
b. Attention Deficit Disorder
c. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
d. Depression
e. Oppositional Deficit Disorder
f. Bipolar Disorder
g. Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse issues
h. Learning Disabilities

In addition to common evaluation procedures such as clinical interviewing, rating scales, testing, family interviews, there is a way to see and measure brain dysfunction. We perform a QEEG topographic brain map which is painless and non-invasive is that we place a cap with 19 electrodes on the scalp which picks up the brain electricity (EEG). The recorded EEG is processed then 6 normative databases including the New York University Medical School Normative Database. The statistical data will demonstrate which abnormalities are present and the degree of severity.

The topographic brain maps significantly help in determining what underlying disorders and/or dysfunction s are contributing to the anger issues. We can then design a multi-model treatment plan to address the unique individual combination of issues and train abnormal EEG patterns causing such disorders as ADD or depression, toward normal, helping to reduce the energy behind the anger.

Anger Management QEEG

A mixture of treatments for each individual is recommended and might include any combination of the following;

a. QEEG Brainmap based neurofeedback
b. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
c. Relaxation Therapy
d. Anger Management Counseling
e. Family/Marital therapy
f. Christian counseling/ prayer ministry
g. Behavior modification
h. Medication
i. Frustration Tolerance Training
j. Positive Self Talk Training
k. Psychotherapy e.g. unresolved emotional issues, unforgiveness

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